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Residential Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your air ducts is a great investment towards getting better indoor air quality and energy savings. Studies suggest that improved indoor air quality makes occupants happier and more productive. As we spend more time indoors with the ongoing pandemic, its more important than ever to pay attention to factors that affect our health and comfort.
We are the premier provider of Furnace and Duct cleaning, Air conditioner cleaning, Dryer Vent cleaning and Disinfectant fogging services to home owners in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Our technicians are skilled, knowledgeable, and ready to help in any way you need. At Western Furnace Cleaning, we take pride in our values and in providing the greatest customer experience possible.

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Commercial Duct Cleaning

When it comes to quality Furnace and Duct cleaning services, those in the commercial and industrial business have trusted the experts at Western Furnace Cleaning. We proudly provide professional furnace and duct cleaning services, dryer vent cleaning, disinfectant fogging to facilities in Edmonton and surrounding areas including: St. Albert, Devon, Stony Plain, Leduc, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, and Spruce Grove. Whether you’re in need of HVAC cleaning, Dryer Vent cleaning or disinfectant fogging we provide you with the best options to keep your facility operating smoothly. Our trained professionals are available 7 days a week at your convenience and will always make sure that you experience the best in customer service, no matter what service you choose.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Are you planning on getting your dryer vents cleaned? You are headed in the right direction. Clogged dryer vent ducts are a fire hazard and can impact your dryer efficiency. We recommend cleaning your dryer vent ducts every 6 to 12 months based on usage. Maximize your dryer performance and keep your family safe with a dryer vent cleaning from Western Furnace Cleaning. Schedule yours today.

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Air Filtration

We can categorize major indoor air pollutants as biological (like bacteria, mold, viruses, pollen), chemical (like emissions from outdoor environment) and particulate (like dust and smoke). Filters remove most airborne contaminants and do the heavy lifting when it comes to cleaning the air. Depending on rating, filters trap and contain everything from large particles like pollen and dust, to smaller particles like mold and bacteria.

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Disinfectant Fogging

We use plant based disinfectant with our Fogger machine. This method of disinfection can be safely used in homes, offices, schools, daycare facilities, gyms, locker rooms, churches, and stores. The fogging device uses heat to create a fog-like dry mist that quickly penetrates hard-to-reach areas. It is non-corrosive and safe for any surfaces or electronics. It can be thoroughly applied to any surfaces and objects.

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Residential Duct Cleaning

We understand that every house is unique and we have a package that best suits the needs of your home. Our competitive pricing and exceptional service offers great value to our customers.

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Commercial Duct Cleaning

Western Furnace cleaning offers services to a wide range of commercial clients including day care facilities, retail shops, car dealership showrooms to name a few. Please request your quote today.

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    With state of the art and innovative technology, Western Furnace Cleaning is equipped to service the residents of Edmonton and surrounding areas with satisfaction safeguard.

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