Why proper sanitization is more important in the current situation ?

With the ongoing pandemic, the standard of personal hygiene and sanitation has been raised. High traffic areas with objects touched by different people require more attention. This has increased the need for cleaner surfaces and more competent disinfection methods. Disinfection supplies, such as wipes, sprays, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach, have never been in higher demand and it is easy to see the important role they play in battling microbial contamination.

Disinfectant Fogging takes ordinary disinfecting to the next level. Due to the limited size and expulsion capabilities of a typical spray bottle, over-the-counter disinfectants will only disinfect a small targeted area. Fogging, however, creates a wide-reaching mist that covers high traffic and hard to reach surfaces, applying disinfectant in one full swoop. It is a powerful tool that is useful in areas of all sizes from a small studio apartment to a large business or office.

The Fogger uses a liquid antimicrobial solution that is converted into a vapor. A fan then disperses the vapor to the desired areas. As more vapor is dispersed it develops into a thick mist or fog-like atmosphere, hence the name fogging. The fogging application will cover anything it comes in contact with: surfaces, floors, and hard-to-reach places that oftentimes go unnoticed. Disinfectant fogging also combats airborne pathogens as it passes through the air and lands on a surface.

We use all natural non-toxic disinfectant in our fogging machine. Our disinfectant products (Benefect Botanical Disinfectant, Benefect Decon 30 and Benefect Disinfecting Wipes) are all comprised of botanical ingredients. The formulas are a proprietary blend of essential oils including thyme, lemongrass and Oregano, plus a bio-surfactant (the cleaning and emulsifying component) derived from palm kernel, pharmaceutical grade water, and naturally occurring groundwater ions.

Our Disinfectants use authentic botanical technology in the world and has the highest safety rating allowable by Health Canada, which means it poses no harm to the health of employees or customers or to the environment. The products are Health Canada approved to kill viruses, bacteria and mold. Health Canada has recommended contact dwell times that are standard in order to effectively kill different types of microorganisms. The Benefect Disinfectants require contact dwell times from 30 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on the microorganism. However, since these disinfectants are all no-rinse, no-wipe products, you do not need to count contact time – simply wet the surface and let it dry.

Benefect Botanical Disinfectant:

  • Kills Over 99.99% of germs including Viricidal, Bactericidal, Fungicidal, and Tuberculosis spores (eg: HIV-1, Influenza A including H1N1, Norovirus, Mold, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, E-Coli, Rhinovirus, etc.)

  • Safe on all surfaces, skin, Clothing and Children’s toys.

  • Made from plant extracts containing Thyme oil and other germ killing essential oils.

  • Safe for use around children, pets, elderly, pregnant women, and chemically sensitive individuals.

  • No rinsing or wiping required after the application.

  • Pleasant Aroma therapeutic Vapors.

  • No Synthetic Fragrances, Dyes or Bleach.

  • No Cautions/Warnings on The Label or MSDS Sheets.

  • No mixing required.

  • Made in Canada

Benefits of Disinfectant Fogging

Over time, your home or business naturally collects dust, bacteria, and viruses. Although germs gather everywhere, they are of special concern in high contact areas. High contact areas are the objects and surfaces where you and other individuals touch the most. Prime examples include doorknobs, table tops, and light switches. The high amount of traffic that visits these areas makes them perfect breeding grounds for germs and easy exposure points for cross-contamination. The more people that touch an area the more likely they leave bacteria for the next person to pick up. Fogging can apply disinfectant to large spaces including high contact areas, lowering the chance germs will spread between persons.

Other areas of concern are the small nooks and crannies in your home or business that are seldom cleaned due to their difficulty to reach. Despite their remote location, tough-to-reach places still collect germs and may still receive contact from individuals. Fogging technology eliminates the need to move furniture to disinfect contamination. As the fog passes through the crack, it clings to the surface applying disinfectant as it lands. Disinfectant Fogging saves you the time and heavy lifting but still cleans hard-to-reach places.

The biggest advantage Disinfectant Fogging offers is its ability to clean areas of all sizes with ease. As mentioned before, over-the-counter cleaning supplies have limited area-of-effect because they are simple spray bottles. The Fogger is what gives Disinfectant Fogging the power it needs to cover full buildings. This makes it the perfect fogging application for businesses. Businesses often have high traffic from employees, clients, and visitors, exposing everyone to viruses and bacteria. Routine fogging can reduce the amount of pathogens that reside in the building, therefore lowering contact risk.

Whether you own a restaurant, have staff in an office building, or want to deep clean your home, the advantage of Disinfectant Fogging is its versatility. You can use it as often or as little as you like; it all depends on your need. You can use Disinfecting Fogging as a full-service, routine measure or as a compliment to the cleaning you already perform on your own. Disinfecting Fogging offers you peace of mind and with current higher standards of sanitation, that is something worth the call.

Why Choose us?

When it comes to protecting your business from destructive pathogens, reducing these pathogens – is your best line of defense. The professionals at Western Furnace Cleaning have the skills, experience, and credentials to thoroughly disinfect your office space. The technicians are well trained and happy to answer any questions you may have. With experienced and well informed staff, Western Furnace Cleaning is a company you can trust with your sanitation standards.

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